Model Name: BSU-1702

OEM Surge Protection


The BSU-1702 is a PoE Pass-through Ethernet Surge Protector, support 10/100 /1000 Mbps rate, design strong 10 kA Impulse Discharge current, its advantage is that it can discharge very quickly in addition to being able to carry a large current. One BSU-1702 can protect one device from external current surges.

Highlight Features

• Compliant with Pass through for the IEEE 802.3af (PoE) and IEEE802.3at (PoE+) Device
• Provides Gigabit transfer speed and Power over Ethernet (PoE) pass through
• Built in grounding pad which can connect to grounding cable to lower clamping voltage for better and more reliable protection
• Design 10 kA Impulse Discharge Current 
• Supports 2 protection mode : Line-to-Ground and Line-to-Line
• Safety inspection:
– IEC/EN 61643-21 (Safety) Initial Pretest Passed
– IEC/EN 61000-4-5 (EMC) Initial Pretest Passed
– Protects all Eight(8) pins of the Ethernet cable